Testimonials & Mentions

Another track hero puts ZPS in the spotlight

“Oh MY Gaad! Greg, I didn’t really believe you … Its insane! A certain 1973 rusty ol’ piece of shit Datsun will be on the Pole Position of a certain 2016 West Coast Championship in a short spell.”


Tom Johnson
1973 Datsun 240Z
Phoenix, Arizona

Looks like $10 million bucks – Ferrari GTO replica gets power steering!

“Hi Greg,
I got the power steering installed, and I am absolutely delighted with it. Drove the car quite a bit Sunday and it has totally transformed the drivability of the car, particularly at low speeds, it makes parking and maneuvering a breeze. I’m very impressed with the steering feel at highway and backroad speeds too. Bottom line is, I am thrilled with the final results!”

240Z Ferrari 250 GTO replica

240Z Ferrari GTO replica VQ35DE
Russ Brown
1962 Ferrari 250 GTO replica
Frederick, MD


Driving impressions from a seasoned S30 autocrosser:

Hey guys – Just wanted to let you know how much I love my new steering setup. I had a race this weekend, and what a huge difference… just amazing. I learned real quick to use a light, easy hand, rather than the more aggressive approach like I used to. The track had some tight stuff that I was able to zip right through, and picked up some time. Didn’t have to wrestle the wheel at all – it’s phenomenal… I love it!

Jim Winston
GTB-R #17 1971 Datsun 240Z
Empire Sports Car Association
SCCA Redwood Region



Photos courtesy WentzelPhoto.com


“Thanks Greg – I got it all up and running shortly after emailing you, and wow!! What a difference it makes! The car doesn’t lose any feel at all but is much more drivable and parks like a dream!! Shame the UK weather stops me getting her out more!”

1978 Datsun 280Z LHD
Bradford, England


“Hey Greg,
Just one word. WOW!
Ran my first autocross with the new power steering. Very pleased with the performance. The car is much more drivable. Installation went without a problem, very easy. Thanks for the great product.”

1973 240Z, SCCA F Prepared Class
Pemberville, OH

“Well worth it. Such a pleasure to drive now, even with bad back and elbow. GREAT PRODUCT AND COMPANY!!! THANKS!!!!”

1973 240Z
Brampton CA

I love the power steering. Most of my trips are 300 miles one way and it is really nice to control the steering with fingers and to turn the wheel with my palm. It’s also much easier to keep the car controlled on bumps and in turning because neither affects the steering. I use to have to hold the wheel tight to keep it in line. It’s so easy to control now I don’t notice I have it. I was at a Z event and someone saw me turning the wheel with my palm and thought my car couldn’t be a 45 year old Z.”

1972 240Z
Hayward CA

More Z Power Steering Testimonials – Thanks to all our awesome customers worldwide!

“Just thought I’d check in and give you an update on your power steering kit. Nearly four years now of hammering on the track and it’s still working perfectly! I couldn’t imagine going back to driving the car without it, total game changer.”
-DM, Tucson AZ

“I just took my ‘76 280Z on a test drive with your electric power steering installed. Your product performed flawlessly. Being a 280Z, which as you know has some heft, I always wrestled with it when cornering at lower speeds in a tight fast turn. I could not objectively tell how well it performs or how well it is balanced until this day. I am very pleased. As an aside I have owned two 1976 year automobiles that were rear wheel drive, amd they both exhibited mild front wheel shimmy at certain critical speeds…your unit obliterated this issue…the steering wheel is rock steady at all speeds now! My driving enjoyment factor just went way up.”
-DB, Wilmington DE
“The p/s is now installed and working correctly, we have driven it for about 500km on some winding roads and found the driving much less tiring.”
-DP, Queensland, AU
“Just a short note to let you know the power steering unit has been installed (with some mounting mods) in the 1600 p510 and is working magnificently, tried and tested at the race meeting I mentioned before without fault.”
-DT, Tasmania, AU
“Electric assist power steering? I’ll be installing this on the 570YZ shortly. The unit mounts under the dash, not in the engine bay; also includes a variable-assist knob. This makes so much more sense than trying to source, install, and adapt the LS power steering and rack.”
-JW, Scottsdale AZ
“I just got your electric power steering system installed in my V-8 240Z. I really can’t believe the difference it made. Being able to adjust the amount of power assist is truly amazing. No more wrestling with the wheel in parking lots. The installation went just as you stated it would. I didn’t have anybody to help, and was still able to get it completely installed in an afternoon. The wiring is extremely easy and the high parts quality is obvious. Please use me as a referral as being an extremely satisfied customer. I would also be happy to be contacted by potential customers to give hands-on feedback as to how easy the system is to install and operate, and what a positive performance benefit is achieved by its use.”
-MA, Phoenix AZ
“Hi Greg, great product – just got it back from my mech. Love it. Would recommend it. Talked to your machinist, good guy, very helpful!!!”
-GP, Port Charlotte FL
“I had to comment on the power steering. This seriously is a game changer. Just want to let you know everything worked out great.”
-RYP, Oakland CA