Add Power Steering to a Datsun 240Z

Nearly 150,000 240Z’s were sold in the U.S. between 1970 and 1973, and despite modern sports car features like four-wheel independent suspension, front disc brakes and a surprisingly luxurious interior (compared to other Japanese cars of the period), not one was equipped with power steering.

As Z enthusiasts here at, we want our customers to know that we wouldn’t market anything that we hadn’t tested extensively on our own beloved 240Z. We believe the simple addition of power steering to the early Datsun Z keeps with the original design intent for the car, and had the technology existed in 1969, Mr. Katayama certainly would have incorporated it into his nimble sports car.

The installation of our electric power steering conversion into your 240Z is simple, inexpensive, and won’t diminish the outward appearance of your prized classic. Order your kit today, and get reacquainted with the joy of driving your 240Z a lot more often!

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