More improvements to the kit!

As the high demand for the conversion kit caught us by surprise, we found that there wasn’t a whole lot of time to prepare a fully-detailed installation manual for our customers. Granted, the system is easy to install, but there’s something about having an instruction manual to refer to when you buy a new goodie – Even if you’re one of those people who takes pride in NOT reading the manual!

At any rate, we’re currently working on developing a pdf-based manual for our customers. But in the meantime, we’ve also made a few improvements to the kit to make it even better!

  • We’ve redesigned the rheostat settings to allow us to eliminate the on/off switch and related wiring. Now, simply dialing the rheostat all the way down gives a minimum of steering assist.
  • Also, we’ve incorporated the ground terminal into the ‘brain box.’ This means when you mount the box to the firewall, the system is grounded, and eliminated one more wire!
  • We decided that we’d let customers get creative with where they want to mount the rheostat control knob, so we secured a unit with a longer shaft that can be trimmed to fit for shallow installs, or it can remain long for a more “remote” installation.
  • Lastly, we eliminated the need for an external fuse by incorporating an internal circuit breaker in the brain box. Some customers may still want to run a fused power wire, so in that case we recommend a 40A in-line fuse.

To our past, current, and future customers, we’d like to say “thanks” for making Zpowersteering such a quick success. We look forward to meeting you at the next Z event in your area!

-Greg Childs