Beware of cheap Z power steering imitations!

It’s been brought to our attention by a couple customers that some “knockoff” power steering conversions exist for the S30 Z car. As a business owner, I’m a firm believer in “building a better mousetrap.” However, my loyalties lie with the Datsun community and the people that we interact with. In these instances, here’s what you need to know.

Some of these systems utilize an inferior motor setup. Typically, the electric steering motor being used is referred to as a “EZ-Steer,” and while it’s great for ATVs, farm implements, and go-karts, it is NOT designed for automotive use. Period. Zpowersteering uses a steering motor that is designed for, and used in, modern automotive applications. We’re flattered that they like our design enough to replicate it, but be advised that you get what you pay for. The motor alone (new, not refurbished or junkyard-sourced) for our unit costs over $600. If you see a slotted column with a pinch-type clamping system, think about whether that’s something you’d see on an OEM application (the answer is, quite simply, nope).

We receive frequent inquiries about speed-sensitive power steering. Great question, and one that should be addressed honestly and thoroughly. In simple terms, it is unnecessary. Here’s why: Speed-sensitive systems rely on a wheel sensor (such as those used for ABS and TCS on a modern car). The Z never had these, so they’d need to be retrofitted. Aside from the extra work involved, what happens if you experience wheelspin? How about a sharp curve, where the inside wheels are rotating much slower than the outside wheels? Your readings will be inaccurate, and should not be relied upon. Furthermore, above a certain speed, there is no need for power assist… so why utilize a speed-sensing system?

ZPS uses a much smarter solution. Our proprietary system continuously senses and measures the torque differential between two inputs: Your hands on the wheel, and the tires on the ground. When there is a disparity between these values, our system applies electric power to the motor, creating steering assist, and allowing consistent, smooth steering input that remains constant and linear. It is a “need-based” application of power, rather than being based on an irrelevant value such as vehicle speed. When you need it, it’s there. When you don’t, it’s not.

Before we ship each unit, we test the completed system on a test bench that simulates YOUR particular car. Each control unit is calibrated to the specific motor and steering column that it is attached to, and the potentiometer is adjusted accordingly. No one else does this. Voltages are tested and torque output is measured in order to ensure trouble-free operation after installation. These processes add time and complexity to the finished product, but ultimately, we believe the ZPS kit deserves the same care and attention to detail that your Z deserves.

When it’s all said and done, we’re confident that the slight additional expense is money well-spent on a far superior product. Again, I’m not just the company owner, but I’m also a member and supporter of the Datsun community – Restoring, driving, and showing these rare cars along with you.

Thanks for your support, and if you like what we’ve done here, please tell your friends.

Another happy Z Power Steering customer – V8 Powered 240Z!

Mike reached out to us for some assistance with his gorgeous custom V8-powered 240Z. When the install was done, he actually asked if we’d share his testimonial with other customers. We’d be crazy to turn down an offer like that, so without further ado, here’s Mike’s comments!

I just got your electric power steering system installed in my V-8 240Z. I really can’t believe the difference it made. Being able to adjust the amount of power assist is truly amazing. No more wrestling with the wheel in parking lots.

The installation went just as you stated it would. I didn’t have anybody to help, and was still able to get it completely installed in an afternoon. The wiring is extremely easy and the high parts quality is obvious.
Please use me as a referral as being an extremely satisfied customer. I would also be happy to be contacted by potential customers to give hands-on feedback as to how easy the system is to install and operate, and what a positive performance benefit is achieved by its use.

Please let me know if I can be of any help in the future. Thanks for a great experience.
Mike Anderson, Phoenix, AZ
[email protected]

We’re ready and waiting to make your Z power steering experience as awesome as Mike’s – Thanks for reading, now go drive your Z!

Track Tested, Track Approved!

Here’s a great piece of video from one of our recent customers who regularly tracks his LS6-powered 240Z on road course in the southwest.

Here he is flogging the Z during a NASA-sanctioned HPDE event on Firebird West in Arizona… we’ll have his review and impressions on our “Testimonials” page soon, but we wanted to share this awesome video with you first!

Right-hand drive Fairlady Z owners, you’re in luck!

We’ve gotten a TON of emails here at Zpowersteering asking if our conversion will work on a right-hand drive Fairlady Z.

RHD 240Z

The short answer is, ABSOLUTELY!

There’s really no difference, with the exception of rotating the column around so the motor unit faces the other direction.

If you can remove and reinstall a Z steering column, you can install the Zpowersteering unit – No matter WHICH side of the car you sit on!

Contact us today at [email protected] or simply order directly from this site – We look forward to helping you fall in love with your Z again.


More improvements to the kit!

As the high demand for the conversion kit caught us by surprise, we found that there wasn’t a whole lot of time to prepare a fully-detailed installation manual for our customers. Granted, the system is easy to install, but there’s something about having an instruction manual to refer to when you buy a new goodie – Even if you’re one of those people who takes pride in NOT reading the manual!

At any rate, we’re currently working on developing a pdf-based manual for our customers. But in the meantime, we’ve also made a few improvements to the kit to make it even better!

  • We’ve redesigned the rheostat settings to allow us to eliminate the on/off switch and related wiring. Now, simply dialing the rheostat all the way down gives a minimum of steering assist.
  • Also, we’ve incorporated the ground terminal into the ‘brain box.’ This means when you mount the box to the firewall, the system is grounded, and eliminated one more wire!
  • We decided that we’d let customers get creative with where they want to mount the rheostat control knob, so we secured a unit with a longer shaft that can be trimmed to fit for shallow installs, or it can remain long for a more “remote” installation.
  • Lastly, we eliminated the need for an external fuse by incorporating an internal circuit breaker in the brain box. Some customers may still want to run a fused power wire, so in that case we recommend a 40A in-line fuse.

To our past, current, and future customers, we’d like to say “thanks” for making Zpowersteering such a quick success. We look forward to meeting you at the next Z event in your area!

-Greg Childs