Another happy Z Power Steering customer – V8 Powered 240Z!

Mike reached out to us for some assistance with his gorgeous custom V8-powered 240Z. When the install was done, he actually asked if we’d share his testimonial with other customers. We’d be crazy to turn down an offer like that, so without further ado, here’s Mike’s comments!

I just got your electric power steering system installed in my V-8 240Z. I really can’t believe the difference it made. Being able to adjust the amount of power assist is truly amazing. No more wrestling with the wheel in parking lots.

The installation went just as you stated it would. I didn’t have anybody to help, and was still able to get it completely installed in an afternoon. The wiring is extremely easy and the high parts quality is obvious.
Please use me as a referral as being an extremely satisfied customer. I would also be happy to be contacted by potential customers to give hands-on feedback as to how easy the system is to install and operate, and what a positive performance benefit is achieved by its use.

Please let me know if I can be of any help in the future. Thanks for a great experience.
Mike Anderson, Phoenix, AZ
[email protected]

We’re ready and waiting to make your Z power steering experience as awesome as Mike’s – Thanks for reading, now go drive your Z!

Looks Like $10 Million Bucks! Ferrari 250 GTO Replica gets Zpowersteering

Russ Brown’s phenomenal Ferrari 250 GTO replica is a gearhead’s dream – A phenomenal VQ35DE engine swap, timeless McBurnie-designed replica bodywork, and a period-correct set of true chrome wire wheels with knock-offs. Zpowersteering was fortunate enough to provide one of the finishing touches to this homage to the most legendary racer of all time.

240Z Ferrari 250 GTO replica

240Z Ferrari GTO replica VQ35DE

We’re guessing Russ will be putting tons more miles on his pride and joy, with its newfound maneuverability!

Track Tested, Track Approved!

Here’s a great piece of video from one of our recent customers who regularly tracks his LS6-powered 240Z on road course in the southwest.

Here he is flogging the Z during a NASA-sanctioned HPDE event on Firebird West in Arizona… we’ll have his review and impressions on our “Testimonials” page soon, but we wanted to share this awesome video with you first!

New Photos of the 240Z / 260Z Power Steering Kit!

We’ve been so overwhelmed with the day-to-day operations of production, marketing, and filling orders, we realized we didn’t have any good photos of the new and improved ZPS power steering kit… So, without further ado, here it is!


More detailed photos are available here:

Power Steering for your classic Datsun Z is here!

For years, owners of early Z-cars have struggled with the lack of power steering options for the classic Datsun 240Z / 260Z / 280Z.  Those of us with lowered suspension and wide tires, or engine swaps, know all too well that the Z can be a challenge to maneuver at low speeds.

How would you like to find a Datsun Z power steering solution that offers smooth, responsive steering feel, none of the steering shudder or intermittent pulsing that you get from an older hydraulic system, less strain and drag on your engine, no hydraulic lines or power steering fluid to deal with, and a clean, uncluttered engine bay?  Can you imagine parallel parking your Z with one finger?

Enter the Zpowersteering solution!  We believe this system to be the most affordable, practical, reliable and unobtrusive option for the Datsun Z, and it can be installed quickly and easily by the average owner.

Benefits of this Power Steering Conversion for your Z-car:

  • No Major Modifications:  are made to your vintage Z-car… Everything is designed to be located under the dash and is almost completely invisible. That’s a definite plus, considering our early Z’s are really climbing in value.  This system retains the original steering ratio, as designed by Datsun – and the system can be completely removed without a trace.
  • Simplicity of Installation:  The Zpowersteering system can be installed in your Z in a few hours, using common tools.
  • Reliability:  Designed to last – It’s silent, maintenance-free, and can’t leak!  The Zpowersteering system uses the same reliable mechanism used by major auto manufacturers, and our development team has been outfitting other classic cars for years.
  • Compatibility:  The 45-amp electric motor will function fine with a standard Z alternator in good health – although, if you haven’t already done it, we highly recommend all early Z owners upgrade to a more modern alternator solution: Datsun 240Z / 260Z alternator upgrade.
  • Adjustability:  You may prefer a little less assist, while other drivers may like to dial it up a bit… it’s as simple as turning a dial!  You can have maximum assist in the parking lot, and less on the highway.  The Zpowersteering computer senses steering input torque, so that it’s not over-boosting your steering effort.
  • Affordability:  The Zpowersteering system is THE most affordable way to add power steering to your Z.
  • Quick turnaround:  We know you don’t want to wait, and no one wants their Z to be out of commission.  Simply install the power steering system, place your old column in the box, and ship it back to us.  We’ll even cover the shipping!
  • Safety:   I’ve had a couple people ask me, “What happens if the electric motor fails? You’re gonna have no steering!” … Well, no. In fact, if the electric power steering system ever failed (highly unlikely), the car would steer exactly like it did prior to the power steering conversion.  However, when a hydraulic power steering system fails, the steering instantly becomes extremely heavy, and potentially dangerous.

We hope you’ll browse the website – Read the installation article, view the testimonials, and check out the photos… Ultimately, we hope you’ll join us and give your Z the steering ease and precision it deserves.

Thanks, and Happy Motoring!